The Project

GLK Solutions were procured to provide clerking services to the Brighter Futures Learning Partnership Trust Board in September 2019.  The Clerk, Lesley Millard supports the Trust Board and its three committees.  The focus for the Trust in its first year was to create a culture of good governance and compliance.  The Trustees are made up of a mixture of experienced and new Trustees with a varies mix of expertise and skill.

From September 2022 GLK Solutions commenced clerking for all schools within the Trust including 4 primary schools, one secondary, and its UTC.

Our Contribution

Lesley Millard, as Clerk, has worked extensively with the Chair of Trust Board and Trust CEO and CFO to develop an annual schedule of business, agendas which align across the Trust, and statutory information for publication on the Trust website.  In addition we have provided:

- Support around compliance trackers for the Academies Financial Handbook

- Guidance and the completion of a skills audit

- Support and recommendations for Trustee recruitment

- Relevant and up to date advice and guidance for Trustees (new and existing) to support their role

- Work within the context and understanding of the Trust Scheme of Delegation to ensure all boards remain compliant

What our client says

Brighter Futures Learning Partnership Trust appointed Lesley Millard from GLK Solutions as clerk to the Trust Board (and its Committees) in September 2019.  The Trust has benefited considerably from Lesley’s detailed knowledge and understanding of how to clerk effectively and support our Board as a Governance Professional.

She is highly qualified having completed the DfE’s Clerks Professional Development Programme as well as an ongoing commitment to CPD.  She has demonstrated her ability to work effectively with the CEO, Principal, Chair of Trustees, and Local Governing Boards to set agendas which ensure that the Trust is compliant and fulfilling its statutory duties.  She supports the Trust with clear advice and guidance on its roles and responsibilities.  Her minute taking is concise, to the point, but very accurate.  She is very much aware for the need for confidentiality both in her role and the Trustees’ role.  

She has supported the Trust by aligning Trust agendas with LGB agendas which has been an imperative to ensure alignment of vision and strategy.  Lesley has also added value by supporting the recruitment of new governors in the Trust and provides guidance and information to both new and established Trustees/Governors to further support their role.  We would have no hesitation in recommending her to other Boards.

Helen Redford-Hernandez
Chief Executive Office | Brighter Futures Learning Partnership Trust