The Project

The Council faced a significant budget challenge and appointed a new interim Chief Executive. It was identified that the current ICT provision required review to identify the best options for future delivery of the service. A requirement for independent advice led to procurement of an ICT consultant to develop a future ICT strategy.

Our Contribution

Working with senior officers we undertook an analysis  of the current ICT service delivery arrangements and developed a series of potential options. These options were presented to Members with  independent recommendations to proceed with the development of a new ICT partnership with the County Council. We developed an implementation plan and were retained to support the implementation of the ICT approach as part of the wider Transformation Programme.


The work undertaken by GLK solutions formed an important part of the wider programme to transform the Council. As a result the Council has reduced overall cost and commenced the implementation of a new approach to the delivery of ICT services.

What our client says

Michael Gates from GLK Solutions was engaged to develop our future approach to the delivery of ICT. Michael provided important independent advice and was effective in engaging key stakeholders, both officers and elected Members in the process of developing the ICT delivery options.

Michael has significant experience of working with local government and a broad understanding of the ICT marketplace. We would be pleased to recommend Michael and GLK Solutions work.

Jane Beck
Director of Customer Services | Great Yarmouth BC