The Project

The Council has invested in information technology over the last five years through a coordinated ICT Strategy. It is now keen to develop a Digital Strategy which aligns the ICT capability with the overall corporate objectives. The digital Strategy identifies the digital ambition of the Council and sets a clear framework for the delivery of key projects which will enable the achievement of key council priorities.

Our Contribution

Working with Elected Members, Senior Council Officers and a cross section of staff from the authority we undertook consultation and engagement sessions to clarify and refine the digital ambition and vision. We have worked closely with the Council drawing on experience from other local authorities and developments in technology to align aspiration and technology capability with overall objectives of the Council.

What our client says

As a Director of GLK Solutions Michael Gates has provided important support on the development of the Councils Digital and ICT strategy.  I have worked with Michael for many years and he provides me with trusted, independent advice and is a valued professional sounding board and mentor.

In the local government field, Michael has a comprehensive knowledge and understanding and he has worked with senior officers and elected members to deliver results and I would recommend him highly as an experienced and capable consultant.

Nick Hardmoor
IT Manager | Rushmoor Borough Council - IT Strategy